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Guide to growing Oregano herbs indoors and in your home

These herbs grow under conditions that are similar to thyme. Likewise, it grows well in a hot, dry and sunny area, so it is the perfect herb to grow inside, providing these requirements. 

Like most other herbs, your Oregano will benefit from a pot with suitable drainage holes. Regarding the plant pot material, you can select the type of pot as the Oregano is not fussy; however, a pot with a 10-14 inches diameter.   

Growing Oregano – Location & Light


This herb will thrive under bright light; it will roughly need around six to eight hours of sunlight a day, making a south-facing window the best position, where they will also benefit from the morning sun. Ensure that you rotate the pot to promote equal growth. 

Instead, if you are using artificial light to grow your Oregano, place these roughly 14 inches away from the light, leaving it under there for approximately 14 hours a day. If you notice your herb becoming leggy, then it is likely it is not receiving enough light. 

Growing Oregano – Watering


Oregano needs to dry out between watering; it’s best to water regularly, but not excessively; they can easily be killed by overwatering. 

Young plants will need to be kept moist, which can be checked when touching the top of the soil. More established plants are slightly more drought tolerant. 

Growing Oregano – Food / Feeding 


Fertiliser in the spring can be used every two weeks, use a liquid fertiliser that has been diluted in half or supplement the soil with controlled-release pellets. Over fertilising will affect the strength of the flavour. 

Growing Oregano – Temperature 


Your plant will be happy in a room temperature area. However, the ideal temperature inside is between 18-21 degrees during the day.

Growing Oregano – Soil


The preferred soil will be light, airy and fast-draining soil. An equal mix of potting soil, sand, peat moss and perlite is an excellent option. When planting in the soil, ensure the root ball is buried and not the main stems as they may rot. 

Another good option is using cacti soil. Their preferred soil type is slightly acidic to very alkaline. 

Growing Oregano – Harvesting


You will want to let your plant grow roughly to around 4 inches before pinching the plant’s top growth; this will also encourage new growth and prevent your plant from growing too high. A good time to harvest is in the morning and just before the plant starts to flower; this will give them the best flavour and fragrance. 

Drying oregano is an excellent option. Unlike most herbs, Oregano keeps its flavour. The best way to dry the herb is to tie the stem up with string, leaving a loop so that you can hang these and in a dry, dark place and hang upside down. 

Instead of freezing in an ice cube tray with water, some people prefer to freeze these in tomato juice to easily be added to dishes like pasta and soup. Equally, harvesting fresh as you are cooking is always the best option. 

Did you know that Oregano is said to promote good fortune, luck, protection and happiness? 

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