Welcome to our short but informative page all about us here at 1Garden.com


If you’ve clicked on this page, then we’re sure you’re wondering who it is behind all these articles that you’re reading (and hopefully enjoying), and if not it must have been an accidental click, and you can stop reading now – it’s ok we will forgive you! But, we sincerely do hope you are enjoying what you are reading, and hopefully, understanding – which is one of the main reasons we started this blog.


As two young professionals, when we first moved in together, we both loved plants. Still, we put our hands up; at first, we struggled to keep them all alive.


Slowly but shortly, we learnt all the tricks to keep them healthy – leading us to start working on our balcony at the time and now garden, and it’s fair to say we have got the green thumb well and truly.


When brushing up on our gardening knowledge, most of our time was spent mainly with our heads buried in books and articles. We found that while we were reading, most of the content was either very outdated, irrelevant or sorry to say, boring.


Gardening can be fun, something to do together and most of all it’s so rewarding! Not only this, but we would also spend ages trying to find out information, and we weren’t even too sure we could trust it. We wanted to create one space for everything for gardening related, to make it easier for you as the reader and something you would be able to trust.

“To provide an intuitive, modern twist to gardening through 1Garden.com. Taking appreciation to a fast-paced environment, we aim to cut out the jargon and provide the answers to those all-important gardening questions for all ages and abilities.”

Having both lived and currently still working in London, we know the problems people face having small spaces or no outdoor space to start your plant life, which was another big incentive for us. We, as the writers wanted to give you more options and articles to be able to pick the right plants and give you more ideas for spaces to use.

So from us at 1Garden, we hope you enjoy this blog!